Monday, December 7, 2020

Finding the American Dream by Bill Clevlen

 It's not everyday that I get to say a book has something for everyone. It's also not everyday that I get to review a book written by a former co-worker. Finding the American Dream by Bill Clevlen lets me do both of those things today so thanks, Bill! This book is perfect for history buffs, people that have the travel bug, music lovers & those like me that just enjoy learning in general. See? Something for everyone.

In Finding the American Dream, Bill takes you on a journey through time & geography to show you how the everyday dreamer became the extraordinary visionary we know them as today. This easy to handle book is broken down into sections so you can learn about people in different specialties such as entertainment, historical figures or inventors for example. You'll find that these people aren't so different from you & me. We all came from somewhere & now, thanks to Bill, you can find out about the beginnings of people like Muhammad Ali, George Jones & Edwin Binney. These people all had dreams & made their dreams come true. See pictures from their beginnings & be inspired to make your own dreams come true.

There are fun bits of trivia to accompany each person's story in addition to a great tag line about them to begin their tale. You're taken back in time with photographs & stories of how not all success was achieved on the first try. This is, after all, Finding the American Dream & finding things can take time. Look how hard it was for Charles Alderton to find the right recipe for Dr. Pepper. Don't know? Bill talks about it in this book!

Finding the American Dream by Bill Clevlen would make a great gift for anyone that wants to expand their mind about great people in America. This book, in my opinion, shows that anything is possible with determination, a little old fashioned elbow grease sometimes & of course belief in yourself. Pick up your copy wherever books are sold & right here on Bill's website