Tuesday, April 14, 2020

We Are the World: The Story Behind the Song

     Music has always had a big influence on me. That would explain why I've been in radio for over half of my life. Any emotion I've ever felt, there has been a song to turn to. A song that I could laugh with, cry with, get angry with & in 1985 there was even a song that the whole World could sing along together with for the purpose of helping to end famine in Africa. Really, when people came together for Africa, they were coming together for far more than Africa. They were coming together for each other. That's why I thought now was the perfect time to review We Are the World: The Story Behind the Song.

     On the night of the American Music Awards in 1984, Bob Geldof held a recording session for 45 celebrities & history was made. Some people went to the session instead of the award show, some went to the recording session immediately after the show & a couple of celebs went to the recording session but never recorded a thing. As the story goes, Bob Geldof had a sign on the studio door that said "Leave your ego at the door" and supposedly Prince took one look at that sign and drove away. The solo that was meant for him went to Huey Lewis. Waylon Jennings showed up to record, too. He didn't have any issue with the sign on the door but apparently he had some kind of a problem with the lyrics. He didn't stick around either. The original list of 45 celebrities was now down to 43.  

     This song was recorded in one night. ONE NIGHT! That's what this video shows. Keep in mind, some of these entertainers had just come from the American Music Awards, too. They gave their all & then some. You can see the exhaustion but you never hear it. That studio was full of professionals. It was full of heart. It was full of people that came together to help & gave of themselves so selflessly. Seeing these voices coming together is something to behold. You don't see a studio full of celebrities & entertainers. You see people enjoying each other's company, having fun & coming together for the sake of the greater good. It's heartwarming.

     Some would say it was a different time back then. Yeah, that was a night in 1984. The song was released in 1985. That's the only difference. They came together to help people in need. That time is back. There is a need to help people again just for a different reason. 

     I watched this recently & for the very first time, on Amazon Prime. Do me a favor. Watch this if you have access to it. Think about all of the work that was put into this song. The hours the performers put into it & the fact that some of them aren't with is anymore. This is the legacy that some of them have left. We have a power equal to this in a way. We can help the World right now. Ya know how? Stay home & watch this. Stay home & play some of the games that I've told you about in some of my other reviews. Watch other things I've reviewed. We can help save the World! That's powerful. Go on, find your power. Just remember all of the ones that came before you on a January night in 1984. Remember, We Are the World.


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