Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dream Fruit Farm: Paradise Island

Play Dream Fruit Farm: Paradise Island FREE for one hour here

     It's been a long time since I've gotten to talk about a match 3 game on Big Fish Games. This is an honest to God REAL match 3 game! Not one where you have to drag lines around or anything like that. This is one where you MATCH 3. I'm so excited!

     For some odd reason, Dream Fruit Farm: Paradise Island has not been well received by people on Big Fish Games. People were complaining that it was too easy. Too easy?! I played this game for the entire hour of the free play & I know there was at least one level that I had to keep playing over & over because I couldn't get past it. You have certain goals to meet on each level & if you don't meet your goal you can't move on. 

     There are 3 different game modes so you can be more or less challenged depending on your mood. There are also 120 levels so you'll be playing for quite a while. Another thing that makes this fun is you're playing toward a goal. Remember I told you about meeting goals in each level? Those goals are getting you toward building a farm!

     I didn't get too far playing Dream Fruit Farm: Paradise Island during the one hour of free play but I DID buy this game. Yes, I liked it that much! I've put a link at the top of the review, like I always do, so you can play free for an hour, too. Let me know what you think of the game & be sure to subscribe to my blog. You never know what I'll review next.

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