Friday, April 10, 2020

ClearIt 5

Play ClearIt 5 FREE for one hour here

     You don't see too many action & arcade games on Big Fish Games but it's always fun to see what you get when one shows up. The category is broad & can encompass a variety of adventures.

     ClearIt 5 is a game I just don't get. I don't know if this game is hard or if I'm overthinking it. Maybe it's a little of both, I'm not sure. It sounds easy enough. You shoot balls from the side at balls of matching colors in the middle to get rid of them. There is a counter in the upper right hand corner that I can't figure out. It counts down to zero but when it gets there nothing happens. There is also a big arrow at the top right hand corner. I clicked it to see what would happen & it took me to the next level! What had I done to earn the next level? I don't know! Can you just go to the next level whenever you want just by clicking that arrow? I don't know, I quit playing the game.

     Like I said, ClearIt 5 is a game I just don't get. It must be me because this is the 5th ClearIt game. You give it a try, see what you think. As usual, I left a like for you so you can play this one free for an hour. Let me know what you think of it & make sure you subscribe to my blog. You never know what I'll review next.

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