Sunday, April 5, 2020

Around the World Mosaics II

Play Around the World Mosaics II FREE for 60 minutes here.

     Let's take look at another game from Big Fish Games. This time it's Around the World Mosaics II, a puzzle game. Since I've played Around the World Mosaics, this will be a short review.

     If you read the review I did on Around the World Mosaics, you'll remember that I had some major issues with it. That game played too much like a sudoku puzzle for me to figure it out. This is a sequel to that game & it's exactly the same. I got nowhere fast with it.

     Around the World Mosaics II could be a new favorite game for you if you can figure it out. I couldn't figure out the first one & I can't figure this one out either so after about 45 seconds, I was exiting out of it. You get 60 minutes of free game play so let me know what you think of it if you do decide to give it a try & make sure you subscribe to my blog before you leave. You never know what I'll review next. 

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