Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Office! A Musical Parody

     Last night, the stage of The Grandel Theater was transformed into Dunder Mifflin for the opening night of The Office! A Musical Parody. Don't worry if you weren't there, you've got until March 8th to catch the North American Tour of this Off-Broadway phenomenon. 

      This roughly 2-hour performance (there is an intermission) apparently does cover the span of the entire life of the show The Office. I say apparently because I've never seen the show. I know, I think I may have been the only person there that had never seen it, but I didn't feel left out of anything because of it. Anyone that has ever worked in, or around, any type of office environment can relate to the characters in The Office! A Musical Parody.

     One thing these particular workers at Dunder Mifflin can't figure out is why there is a camera crew at the office. Yep, suddenly The Office is a becoming a documentary! Rest assured they will never stop being themselves. Michael, the boss, thinks he's funny & is the typical male chauvinist. His favorite line being the ol' "That's what she said!". We ALL know one of those. Pam is the super sweet receptionist, engaged to a jerk, that everyone loves, some a little too much. That one being Jim. Jim is every guy's guy that you really pull for. The one that should be everyone's friend. Dwight is the greasy assistant sales guy hooking up with Angela & they, of course deny everything. See? Typical office environment. 

     This cast is a force to be reckoned with! Each of these amazing actors play more than one character & they do it so well that it's easy to forget who they were just 5 minutes ago. A simple wardrobe change & poof, a new character emerges complete with accent and everything. For me, having never seen The Office before, I never knew what to expect next. I think that made it more exciting. Other people had a heads-up on a character change, but I never did. I liked that. For example, Andy. Never saw him coming. If he's a real character in the show, you'll know who I'm talking about. If he's not, be ready to laugh your butt off because I literally had tears running down my face from the moment that one stepped on the stage.

      Bob & Tobly McSmith have a winner on their hands! This is their 3rd national tour & they're obviously some pretty talented writers. Hard to believe these guys met trying to get jobs at Dippin' Dots! Let's all thank our lucky stars they didn't get those jobs & decided on different career paths. If they had stuck to dots, who knows what we'd all be seeing at The Grandel this week? Thanks, guys, for writing another fantastic show!

     You can get tickets through or by calling 314-534-1111 & at The Grandel Theatre box office one hour prior to show time.


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