Sunday, March 1, 2020

Roads of Time Collector's Edition

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     Today's new release on is Roads of Time Collector's Edition. It's a time management game where you get to do some time travel to Ancient Egypt. The characters, Brian & P.E.T., are tasked with stopping Evil Anibus & his brood from terrorizing everyone.

     Normally when Collector's Editions are offered, listings of what special features you'll find in the game are given. Most of the time you'll get concept art, a strategy guide & trophies. I didn't notice any of those items listed though this IS a Collector's Edition. For total transparency, I'll show you exactly what is on the Big Fish page for this game.
  • Discover mythical creatures and ancient artifacts
  • Uncover the secret of Anubis
  • Fun plot with unforgettable characters
  • Tons of unique tasks to complete
  • 40+ unique levels to master
     That is an exact copy & paste from their site & that is always where the Collector's Edition info is listed. As you can see, nothing special is shown so I'm not sure what is there that warrants this having that title. Then again, I'm only playing the 60 minutes of free game play.

     Now, for my opinion of Roads of Time Collector's Edition. Time management games are just that, managing your time to complete tasks. You're given tasks & you have a certain amount of time to complete them. This one is your typical collect resources & build things time management game as most are on Big Fish. The colors are vivid & gorgeous. Movement is fluid, nothing gets held up. The sound effects have to go! There is some little blippy noise every time you click the mouse & it is obnoxious! OMG! That's almost a deal breaker. I'll be honest, I was watching Mama's Family (yes, I still watch that) while I was playing so I wouldn't have to mute the game in case there was something I had to hear. For me, there wasn't anything special about this game. I've played a lot of time management games on Big Fish & this was no different. Kind of like, if you've played one, you've played them all. Anyone that's a fan of the resource collecting games will enjoy this. If you've never played one before, give it a shot. You get to play free for an hour & you might find a genre of game you really enjoy. As always, let me know what you think of it after you play.

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