Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Pluto TV

Find out how to get Pluto TV here.

     This isn't my typical kind of review but this app is so good, I feel like more people should know about it. I get it on a Roku but it's available so many different ways just about everyone can get access to it. I even put a link right under their snazzy logo picture for you so you can find out how you can watch this app. If you're still paying to watch tv, this one app could be the final straw to get you to cut those ties & put that money back in your pocket. Let me tell you more about it.

     I've got the app on my tv as I'm typing this so I can tell you exactly what's on some of the channels.For the James Bond fan, there is a 007 channel right now. All Bond, all the time and we're talking the classic movies. The Man with the Golden Gun is on now. There is a section of just movies that I check all the time because of the wide variety of genres. Action, comedy, romance, drama, horror, terror, thrillers, black cinema, documentaries, indies & the "name brand" channels, too! The Movie Channel, CMT Westerns, Classic Movies, 80's Rewind (my persona favorite), Cult Films, Flicks of Fury & The Asylum. Those are JUST the movie channels! For the sake of saving time & my gentle little fingers, I'm not going to list every channel on Pluto TV but I will list every CATEGORY for you & a few things in those categories to whet your appetite so you check out this app. Ready? Here we go...
Entertainment - MTV, ET Live, BET & more
News - NBC News, CNN, Court TV & more

Binge Watch - The Addams Family, The Hills, Doctor Who & more
Comedy - Comedy Central, TV Land Sitcoms, The Pet Collective & more
Sports - Fox Sports, NFL Channel, Major League Soccer & more

Explore - Biography, Travel, Military & more
Life & Style - Food TV, Logo, Faith TV & more

Tech & Geek - Gamer, Scifi, Anime All Day & more
Kids - Nick, After School Cartoons, Dora TV & more
Latino - Latino version of other Pluto channels
Music - MTV Block Party, 80's, Y2K & more

     Tell me you can't find something to watch or listen to out of that! Remember, I didn't even give you ALL of the channels! That's barely any of the channels you'll have to watch on Pluto TV. 

     Ok, I'm going to go watch it myself now. Check it out, tell me what you think. I'd love to know! Also, subscribe to my blog before you leave. Obviously, you never know what I'm going to review next!

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