Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Missouri: An Illustrated Timeline - by: John W. Brown

     Missouri: An Illustrated Timeline is a journey. As you begin making your way through the history of Missouri, you quickly realize how much research John Brown put into this literary gift. 200 years of Missouri history is right at your fingertips complete with pictures & illustrations. Quotes & stories from times gone by that have brought Missouri to where it is today. The story of the Great Seal of the State of Missouri is told, we learn about Missouri's wine industry, the great fire of St. Louis & the beginnings of Anheuser-Busch. Here's the kicker...all of those things happened before 1900! Those events & so many more are in this book. 200 years of stories are waiting for you to explore about the Show-Me-State.

     I don't think anyone else could do a book about Missouri the way John Brown did. It's one thing to be a history buff but John is a true Missouri history buff & believe me there is a difference. So many things have happened in this great state & he has painstakingly chronicled them in Missouri: An Illustrated Timeline. This is so much more than a book. This is a bound history lesson. Educators, if you want a new book on Missouri for your classroom, I'd say you just found it.

     Kudos to Reedy Press for putting out another beauty of a book! This one is extra special for me to put my seal of approval on because it was written by a former co-worker of mine from KTRS years ago. John (JB) Brown, best known in the St. Louis area as an anchor & political correspondent on Fox 2 news, also has author on his resume for those that didn't know the scope of his talents. Missouri: An Illustrated Timeline is just one of many books he has written.



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