Sunday, March 29, 2020

Missouri: An Illustrated Timeline, by John W. Brown - PRESS RELEASE


ST. LOUIS, MO—Reedy Press is pleased to announce the release of our book, Missouri: An Illustrated Timeline, by John W. Brown. This book unlocks Missouri’s most intriguing, entertaining, and secret history through vignettes, photographs, and illustrations.

Aptly named the Show Me State, Missouri has shown the nation its past, present, and future for Aptly named the Show Me State, Missouri has shown the nation its past, present, and future for more than two centuries. Representing the state’s 200 year history in a way that is both educational and entertaining, Missouri Timeline offers a look back even as it looks ahead to a fabulous future situated perfectly in the middle. As a state, Missouri blends everything our country has to offer, just the way we like it.

As Missouri recognizes its 200th Anniversary as a state, it's important to look back at the amazing history that has had an impact far beyond the boundaries of the Show Me State. From successes in business, sports, and cultural events, to struggles against Mother Nature and failures of civil rights, a retrospective study paves an even better path for the future. This Missouri Timeline highlights the important moments in Missouri's history that have defined the state and notes the parallels in the state’s trajectory as only a timeline can. Not long after the first skyscraper was built in Missouri, Laura Ingalls Wilder moved to southern Missouri where she wrote about life on the prairie. At the same time Lake of the Ozarks was filling up, Prohibition was ending, Bonnie and Clyde were having shootouts, and a golfer from Springfield was winning the first Masters Golf Tournament. This book allows readers to see Missouri’s defining moments and provides a new understanding of how it all lines up historically.

Missouri: An Illustrated Timeline is available wherever books are sold.

Book Details: Missouri: An Illustrated Timeline, by John Brown and Eric Marquard, ISBN 9781681062556, hardcover 11.5 x 9, 200 pages, $39.95

About the Author
John W. Brown is a nationally recognized TV news anchor, public speaker, inventor, author, and radio talk show host. John is an evening news anchor and political correspondent at KTVI, Fox 2 in St. Louis and has worked as a journalist in many states, even hosting a nationally syndicated TV show. He has authored several books including Missouri Legends: Famous People from the Show-Me State, The Ultimate Missouri Trivia Book, 100 Things to Do in Orlando Before You Die, and The Missouri Almanac 2019.

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