Saturday, March 28, 2020

Forest Park: A Walk Through History by: Carolyn Mueller

Forest Park: A Walk Through History by Carolyn Mueller

     Those of us that live in St. Louis have undoubtedly heard of Forest Park. If you were lucky enough to go to school here you probably went on field trips to the St. Louis Zoo & the St. Louis Art Museum, then ate lunch on Art Hill. All of those are in Forest Park. Many a tourist has spent a Summer day strolling through the St. Louis Zoo themselves & countless people have played that golf course! The Boathouse is a popular destination, too but there is so much more to Forest Park. More than even I realized & I've lived here my entire life. Carolyn Mueller lived near Forest Park almost a decade & spent plenty of time there on bike paths & trails. She took the time to put together this gorgeous book that highlights some of her favorite places in Forest Park & now gives us a chance to find some places we've never been before or relive some memories from or past. Forest Park: A Walk Through History is filled with pictures & information about one of the most beautiful parks full of attractions in St. Louis. 

     Carolyn did something great with this book. She broke it up into Tours. You can literally take several walking tours of Forest Park with this book. Genius! My suggestion? Grab this book, pack a lunch & take off on a tour of Forest Park. You can do this 7 different times & have 7 different adventures thanks to Carolyn. She's got walking tours in the book for Art Hill Loop, Golf Course Loop, Picnic Walk, River Loop, Deer Lake Loop, Eastern Loop, Six-Mile Outer Park Loop & even a Nature Walk. We'll call that one a bonus! So much to do at Forest Park & most people just think of it as a place the place where the Zoo is. See how much more there is? Just wait until you start looking through this book. You'll be amazed at how much there really is in Forest Park that you've missed.

     Forest Park is a gem & a place we're lucky to be able to visit whenever we want. If you aren't able to take yourself on the walking tours that Carolyn has laid out for you in Forest Park: A Walk Through History, the pictures & stories are so incredibly vivid & lovingly told you'll feel like you're there. So, if you take a walk through Forest Park with this book as your guide or you read this book & walk Forest Park in your mind, I know you'll be thanking Carolyn Mueller for writing it. 


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