Saturday, March 7, 2020

Clancy's Pub at the Barn

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     Normally, when I review a restaurant, I'd have pics of the food, but this wasn't a planned review. Heck, this wasn't even a planned trip to this restaurant! LOL! I decided after the fact to do this review, so I apologize there are no pictures.

     A friend & I decided to go someplace new to hear an 80's band and have a couple of drinks. What we got was not the type of 80's band we expected but it did quickly send us to the place right next door which was Clancy's Pub at the Barn. As we entered, I knew it was going to be special because a couple of nuns were heading out. Being the good Roman Catholic that I am, of course I held the door for them & the group they were with. They wished me a good evening through their Irish brogues & told me how great the food was. With an endorsement like that, from an IRISH NUN, I knew we couldn't go wrong.

     We were greeted quickly & told we could sit anywhere we liked so we chose a table & chairs rather than a booth. Since Clancy's Pub at the Barn is in Ballwin & I live in Boulevard Heights & my friend lives in Edwardsville we both ordered soft drinks which came right out. Shortly after, our server arrived & she was very nice. All we wanted were appetizers, so I ordered Madelaine's Homemade Chips & my friend ordered Flash Fried Onion Rings. Typical pub fare, right? There was nothing typical about this food! First, both of us commented about how fast our food came out. I haven't been anywhere that even the appetizers came out in about 5-7 minutes & I am not exaggerating. This wasn't fast because it was pre-made & sitting around waiting to be served. This was piping hot food, just made & brought to us.

     Madelaine's Homemade Chips - Yes, they are potato chips. There is something to be said for a place that makes their own chips & makes the seasoning for those chips, too. Sure, you can use a mandolin to slice a potato & fry it & salt it. Bingo! A potato chip! There is way more work & love put into it than that at Clancy's Pub at the Barn. There's also more than just salt on the potatoes but I can't quite figure out their seasonings. Just take my word on it & try these chips but be prepared to share. The portions are HUGE!

     Flash Fried Onion Rings - At first glance, I told my friend they looked like French's Fried Onions. lol! They sure don't taste anything like those! When you order onion rings you don't expect a plate of what you get here. It really is best described as looking like French's Fried Onions, but these are NOT little crispy onion pieces. These are luscious fried onions just not big ol' formed hard round onions. It's like nothing I'd ever had before. Addictive, they are addictive. Again, like the chips, try them but be prepared to share because the portions are HUGE.

     Another thing we noticed were the dollar bills hanging all over the walls & attached to the ceiling. After asking our server about them, we found out that they are hung by patrons before leaving for good luck. Well, I whipped out my purple ink pen & initialed a dollar bill, put today's date on it & made sure to give it to our server so I could have some good luck! Never turn down the Luck o' the Irish.

     If you live in or near Ballwin, make sure you stop by Clancy's Pub at the Barn. If you don't live too close, try to go by there at some point anyway. It's definitely worth the drive. Clancy's Pub at the Barn, 930 Kehrs Mill Rd., Ballwin, MO, 63011. Let me know what you think of the place & be sure to subscribe to my blog. You never know what I'll review next!

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