Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Argonauts Agency: Missing Daughter

Play Argonauts Agency: Missing Daughter FREE for one hour here.

     Let's take a look at this time management game on Big Fish from the Argonauts Agency collection. This appears to be the 6th game in the series but there are Collector's Editions & regular editions, so it depends on how you want to count them. Either way, this set of time management games are resource collecting games & if you've played one of them, you've played all of them no matter how you count them.

     In Argonauts Agency: Missing Daughter, you've got some mad villagers because there is a drought & they think it's all Pelias' fault. Now it's up to Jason & Medea to find Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, to get some help. What they end up finding is that Demeter's daughter is missing.

     You are tasked with building bridges, slaying slugs, chopping trees, upgrading buildings. breaking rocks, collecting food...you get the idea. Not too much different than other time management games & NO different than the rest of the Argonauts Agency games.

     As with all Big Fish games, you get to play for free! To be honest, that's one of the reasons I always come back to this site. I really like that you can try a game for a decent amount of time before you decide if you want to buy it or not. You can play Argonauts Agency: Missing Daughter free for an hour. If you like it & you're a Big Fish Game Club Member, you can buy it for just $6.99. It's $9.99 for non-members. Remember I told you there is a Collector's Edition of this game? Game Club Members get those at a discount, too. You can get that through the regular version of this game.

     I'm taking a pass on this game because it's just not my thing. Let me know what you think of it & remember to subscribe to my blog. You never know what I'll review next!


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